Morel  45 years





When a product or brand becomes as successful as Morel has over the 45 years there will always be those unscrupulous people who will want to take advantage and cash in on someone else's hard work and don’t mind one bit about stealing your hard earned money.

A number of people have been badly disappointed after buying what they believed to be the bargain of bargains on E Bay and other similar platforms where items that would appear to be Morel are being sold at ridiculously low prices.

    The message (reproduced here on the right hand side) was received by one buyer who pressed the seller on whether they were real or fake Morel Maximo 602 speakers.

    You will note that the seller calls them “Replica” speakers with an 85%+ match to the genuine one, anyone who has heard the atrocious sounding speakers will tell you it’s more like a <15%  match to the real product and certainly not worth the money.

Can you tell by the serial number if they are real or fake?
No it is not possible as often the serial numbers are taken from real products.

What is the easiest way to tell if they are fake?
Price is always a give away, no one is going to sell a set of $380 dollar speakers for $150 inc GST and freight.

What is the best way to buy on line?
We do have a number of dealers who sell on-line and in E Bay and other forums.




  • Check to see if the seller is listed in the dealer directory on this web site, if in doubt please send an email to and include all the details of the seller.
  • Only purchase from Australian Accredited sellers, there is no warranty or back up service offered for products that have been imported from overseas.
  • Many times overseas products may appear to be cheap, but be aware you may just find out on your credit card statement that the quoted amount was in USD not AUD .
  • Duty, Taxes and GST are payable on importation from overseas and may required a payment to a Customs Broker in order to get your shipment cleared.($250 to $500)
    We have all heard the story of “Fred” who imported from the USA, saved a motza on the cost and was never picked up by Customs for Duty or GST, well if you feel like playing Russian Roulette you are welcome to try.
  • Most important of all, ONLY PAY through a payment service that offers protection against on line fraud or being shipped a counterfeit item, if things do go south you will have some protection.



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